Converting a 2' T12 Fluorescent Lamp to LED


Click this picture to view a m4v movie of the wiring detail before conversion.

2' T12 Lamp before conversion


This is a snapshot of a 230 volt AC LED wiring diagram. 230VAC is used in commercial buildings. I have 120VAC in my home. The AC connection is the same, two points for each bulb with it's array of LED's.



The Problem


If you have an instant ballast the T8/T12 sockets are the incorrect type. They are shunted. LED bulbs require non-shunted sockets. I have a lamp that has instant start. I checked around on line and I can't find the same size 24" x 9". I can find 24" x 11+1/2", too wide, for about $100.oo. So I'm going to get four of the correct sockets and find out if I can replace the old ones with the new ones.   



My schematic for the lamp wiring videos on this page.

LED conversion schematic of 2 ft. fluorescent lights over sink 


Pending order of parts.