Bathroom Rebuild 2013


Toilet Blow Up

I could not believe it. There was never any flange installed on the sewer. I bleached and re-bleached then dried this area several times over several days.

Old toilet


Dry Fit with Flange

Dry Fit With Flange

Floor Pattern

Tape some 24 x 36 bond together to make a pattern.

Floor Pattern

Floor Pattern Ready for Cutting.

Lay the pattern upside down on the upside down vinyl flooring.

Floor Pattern Ready for Cutting

Vinyl Cut From Pattern

Cut it out.

Vinyl Cut From Pattern


Lay it down

Vinyl Dry Fit


Glue Down 

Roll back each half and apply the adhesive.

Glue Down


Roll It Down

Roll Down Vinyl Flooring

Toilet Flange installed

Flange installed ready for toilet