No longer is use. Developed a buzz and overheating noise.

Samson Audio
Mixer MPL 1502
    This 15 x 2 mixer is an entry level mixer. Two channels are noisy. I will use this is the small rack as a sub-mixer and route the output to the Mackie. This way I can just use the quiet channels.

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Samson MPL-1502


Samson MPL-1502 top view


Crown DC150



Oscilloscope #460 (company is no longer in business)
    There is no better way to see your mix than through an oscilloscope connected as a bridge meter with the mixer output. I like to use the left channel as vertical and right as horizontal connected in phase. With my setup an oscilloscope inserts only a minor amount of loss. Less than a decibel and appears to be flat across the spectrum with no noise. I use this setup as my teacher, I find music I like and then view it through this setup. This in turn helps me to know that I have found what I'm looking for on a mix I am working on.


When the old EICO died I went to the funeral then the wake. I have not found a replacement yet.