With over 110 individual Plotter items in a variety of colors, you sure to find what you're looking for!

From direct fit/no adaptor required to adaptor-friendly Plotter point, we have you covered! Our selection includes 'E-Style Archival', 'H-Style DPP', 'HP Style Fiber Tip', 'S-Style, H-Style and W-Style Hewlett Packard Style Plotter Pens' and 'W-Style Calcomp Style Plotter Pens.

Plotter Pens








With the "A" Adaptor these pens will work in the Mutoh XP-510/XP-511 Intelligent Plotter

6810.0MF DPP A-STYLE P MAGENTA F 014173286567 EA $20.05
6810.01B DPP A-STYLE P MATTE BLACK B 014173286574 EA $20.05
6810.01E DPP A-STYLE P MATTE BLACK EF 014173286581 EA $20.05
6810.01F DPP A-STYLE P MATTE BLACK F 014173286598 EA $20.05
6810.01M DPP A-STYLE P MATTE BLACK M 014173286604 EA $20.05
6810.02E DPP A-STYLE P BLUE EF 014173286611 EA $20.05
6810.02F DPP A-STYLE P BLUE F 014173286628 EA $20.05
6810.03E DPP A-STYLE P GREEN EF 014173286642 EA $20.05
6810.03F DPP A-STYLE P GREEN F 014173286659 EA $20.05
6810.04E DPP A-STYLE P RED EF 014173286666 EA $20.05
6810.04F DPP A-STYLE P RED F 014173286673 EA $20.05
6810.05F DPP A-STYLE P YELLOW F 014173286697 EA $20.05
6810.07F DPP A-STYLE P LT. BLUE F 014173286703 EA $20.05
6810.08F DPP A-STYLE P ORANGE F 014173286710 EA $20.05
6810.09F DPP A-STYLE P BROWN F 014173286727 EA $20.05
6910.51B DPP A-STYLE FLM BLACK B 014173287229 EA $30.90
6910.51M DPP A-STYLE FLM BLACK M 014173287250 EA $30.90
6910.52F DPP A-STYLE FLM BLUE F 014173287274 EA $30.90